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In choosing an attorney value is important.  You need excellent service at a fair price.

Hello and welcome to Liam P. Kelly, P.A.  I am glad to have a moment of your time.  Hiring an attorney is an important decision. 

I practice civil law, business law, and litigation in Florida. I am a seasoned litigator, and I handle matters in state and federal courts, even where we might need to go to trial, or file an appeal. I handle arbitrations and mediations. I represent both Plaintiffs, and Defendants. I can help you not only obtain a final judgment, but I can also help you collect that judgment through final process, execution, proceedings supplementary, and garnishment. Not every attorney has experience fully turning legal claims into actual dollars.  I handle many types of matters, both inside, and outside of the courthouse.

I understand business, finance, securities and commerce, and can help you with your business concerns and disputes. Notwithstanding my substantial litigation experience, about 50% of the matters I handle don’t even directly involve court. Indeed, I am often asked to help clients avoid court altogether by engaging in good planning, and drafting good contracts. I can help you create and manage your business, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. I can advise you on many legal compliance issues, and intellectual property issues. I negotiate, draft, prepare, and and can provide valuable advice about complex and simple business deals, transactions, contracts, agreements, real property deals, and leases.  I work closely with accountants, tax professionals, and others when needed, for a comprehensive approach.

About Me. Like most great attorneys, I attended fine schools, and gained many years of valuable experience practicing with other experienced attorneys before I started my private practice.  Where I am different than some is that I now focus my practice on providing excellence.  I do not have a high volume practice, and I do not handle every type of matter, and I do not take every case that walks in the door. I decline any matter where I do not believe I can provide a high level of value. Unfortunately, I do not have time to represent everyone, even if I would like to, and I must select only those clients who I believe would be a good fit for my firm.    

With that said, while I typically only offer full representation for individuals and businesses, I also believe that it is important to serve all members of my community. Inasmuch, I now also offer low cost Professional Pack consultations, flat fee legal products designed for situations where consulting with an attorney would be beneficial to you, but other circumstances make full representation unreasonable or unaffordable. You are now able to review and purchase these packages online, before we meet.  You know exactly what you will pay, and exactly what is included. You come with questions and leave with answers.    

When you need full representation, only after I believe I fully understand your needs will I then quote you an appropriate fee structure, or a set of alternative fee structures, for you to consider.  If you then decide to hire me, I will prepare a detailed, written fee agreement for your review and signature.  Only after you are completely satisfied with our agreement will representation begin. 

I look forward to discussing your legal needs. Please review my Professional Pack consultations, and chose one that is right for you, send an e-mail to, or leave a detailed voice message at (786) 515-2786, and I will promptly and personally respond to you. 


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