Professional Pack Consultation Packages


A lawyer and client may agree to limit the objectives or scope of  representation, if the limitation is reasonable under the circumstances, and the client gives informed consent in writing.  Designed to be unique and affordable, the Professional Pack consultations offered by my firm are flat fee legal products designed for situations where consulting with an attorney would be beneficial to you, but the circumstances would make full representation unreasonable. Please call (786) 515-2786, or email to schedule an appointment.  Bring your documentation with you to get the most value. 

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Please note that Professional Pack consultation packages are not appropriate for every legal situation, particularly for complex matters, or most litigation matters. I reserve the right to decline representation on a limited scope basis at my discretion. Depending on your needs and requirements, a contingent fee, a flat fee, an hourly fee, or a blended fee, may be more appropriate. In that event, full representation will begin only after we have executed a written fee agreement. In any event, the minimum fee due for a 1 hour Professional Consultation will be $100.00.  The price indicated below for each package, unless otherwise indicated, includes any related costs.  Please note that an attorney cannot promise a client any particular result or outcome, in any matter.

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